In wondering about the process of bringing about change,changedownload my mind turned to what elements or factors are involved.  Just looking at four possibilities began to clarify things for me:

1-    Time – a personal experience-based understanding of how long it should take to accomplish a particular change

2-    Realm – What social structures are involved (i.e. corporate, private institutions)

3-    Approach – Inclusive or exclusive of human psyche (how humans behave in response to change)

4-    Model – While the internet, for instance, has had an impact on formats & technology for organizing change, hierarchy structures versus collaborative structures seem basic options

I read this on a blog today and it seemed to fit my ponderings on this subject:

“One doesn’t wake up and realize that the world is fundamentally flawed and in need for a change in direction towards a greater good; one starts exploring how flawed the world is and sees the opportunities for change.” [From An Active Mind – Blog by Joel Firenze – July 11, 2014 post: Patient Idealism]